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UNIVA Asset Management Limited acquired additional stake in Oak Capital Co., Ltd (TSE 3113). Thus, the total shares of stock held by UNIVA Asset Management Limited and its co-owner UNIVA CAPITAL Investment Limited reached 8.57% and became the largest shareholder.
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CEO Message

UNIVA CAPITAL Group Chairman and Group CEO Shuji Inaba

Chairman and Group CEO

Shuji Inaba

UNIVA CAPITAL is an integrated growth enterprise.

We are not an investment fund.
UNIVA CAPITAL Group was founded in 2006 with the idea of creating a growth-oriented enterprise group through integration of multiple values. Its form can be called a “federated company group”.
I believe that the culture of greed and competition has gone too far, which is one of the reasons for the current economic crisis.
This is not to say that we reject competition.
We intend to press forward together in these challenging times by maximizing the synergies between companies of value, through recognition and leveraging of their own strengths, to gain greater competitiveness.

UNIVA CAPITAL Group comprises 63 operating companies, 15 businesses in 14 countries / regions and approximately 700 employees. Each company’s strengths act as a catalyst for the evolution of the others. The Group will continue to move ahead boldly in this changing world, powered by the resulting synergies that generate energy.

What's UNIVA

UNIVA CAPITAL Group is a federated corporate group.

The federation comprises 63 operating companies in 15 businesses, in addition to the UNIVA CAPITAL companies that support them.
The businesses run the gamut from health care to advertising.
Each of these companies could stand on its own. But by melding their strengths across industry boundaries,
we have created a more prosperous group, with annual sales for the group as a whole reaching US$570,000,000.

Whereas corporate groups in general branch off from a single business and form conglomerates,
the operating companies in our group stand on equal footing, with their independence secured.
The companies of UNIVA CAPITAL which are not directly engaged in business themselves provide support and coordination from a global perspective.
Their goal is to promote the integration of human capital and knowledge capital across firms, whether in the same or different businesses,
thereby increasing financial capital and helping the group become more resilient and powerful.

UNIVA means “Unite the Values”

In other words, UNIVA CAPITAL Group is a corporate group uniting the values of each of its operating companies.

Group Management Philosophy & UNIVA WAY

We contribute to global peace and harmony by creating
win-win-win relationships the world over in all of our activities.


Capitalism based on co-creation Our aim in forming the group and building cooperative relationships is not “co-existence.” By combining and refining our strengths, we co-create new value.

People-focused management Our people are our most important asset. In evaluating our people we focus on two dimensions vital for creating new value: action instead of connection alone and tackling the unknown instead of remaining stuck in existing routines. We aim to transform each individual’s potential (Energy) into Synergy.

Global ambitions As a global enterprise, we must think freely and act flexibly, unhindered by existing norms and national or cultural differences. Diversity is our strength.


Participating in the UNIVA CAPITAL Group
~ As NAKAMA (Comrade)

Our objective is to maximize group capital, not buy-outs.

To maximize group capital, we acquire majority equity stakes in firms joining the group, share risk and participate in their management. Mergers and acquisitions are a means to build relationships where we can work closely together.

Participating in management requires a shared vision.
Differences in vision make it impossible to co-create and develop synergies with the other group companies, engage in joint problem-solving, and grow all our companies.

Effective participation requires a shared understanding of common goals and strategies.
To us the directors and employees of all group companies are NAKAMA (Comrades).
"NAKAMA" is a Japanese term that means that we work, sweat, and grow together through relationships built on mutual understanding.

Without such mutual understanding, the group creates no synergies. That is why the UNIVA CAPITAL Group does not engage in hostile takeovers.

Corporate Profile

  • <The United States>

    UNIVA CAPITAL Group, Inc.

    Business :  Group strategy planning, managerial oversight
    Location :  Four Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S.A.
    Director :  CEO Shuji Inaba
    Director Jamie A. Karp
  • <Hong Kong>

    UNIVA CAPITAL Holdings Limited

    Location :  Suite 05B, 21/F, Tower 1, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Director :  CEO Shuji Inaba
    Director Atsuhiko Sano
    Director Toshihiro Tsuruta
  • UNIVA CAPITAL Investments Limited

    Business :  Private and Public Equity Investment
    Location :  Suite 06, 21/F, Tower 1, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Director :  CEO Toshihiro Tsuruta
    Director Atsuhiko Sano
  • UNIVA CAPITAL Hong Kong Limited

    Business :  Group Finance, Business Development
    Location :  Suite 2107A, 21/F, Tower 1, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Director :  CEO Shuji Inaba
    COO Toshihiro Tsuruta
    CFO Peggy Law
  • <Japan>

    UNIVA CAPITAL Finance Limited

    Business :  Finance
    Location :  Izumi Garden Tower 35F, Roppongi 1-6-1, Minato ward, Tokyo 106-6035
    Director :  Chairman Shuji Inaba
    Representative Atsuhiko Sano
  • UNIVA Corporation Limited

    Business :  Management Business、Trading Business、R&D
    Location :  Izumi Garden Tower 35F, Roppongi 1-6-1, Minato ward, Tokyo 106-6035
    Director :  Representative Director and Chairman Shuji Inaba
    Representative Director and President Hideto Murakami
    Director Shosei Asakura
    Director Toru Yanagisawa

Executive Profiles

  • Shuji Inaba :

    UNIVA CAPITAL Group Chairman and CEO
    Oak Capital Co., Ltd. President

    Bachelor of Arts in Law, Rikkyo University. Mr. Inaba joined Recruit in 1985, working in the staffing and marketing functions. Was on a temporary transfer to JETRO, where he was involved in promoting exports to and investment in Japan. Later was on another assignment at Recruit Eizo (currently Jupiter Visual Communications) where he built their satellite broadcasting and broadband businesses as Director and General Manager. In 2006, formed UNIVA CAPITAL Group, Inc. in the United States and assumed the position of CEO.

  • Jamie A. Karp :

    UNIVA CAPITAL Group, Inc. Director

    Master of Public Policy, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. After stints at Disco International Career Resource and Nambu International, Mr. Karp served as Senior Vice President of Recruit I.C.I., Director at IMCA America, and Director/HR Head at JustSystems North America, Inc. Joined UNIVA CAPITAL Group,Inc. as Director in 2007.

  • Shosei Asakura :

    UNIVA CAPITAL Group Chief Branding Officer

    Bachelor of Arts in Law, Keio University. Master degree from The University of Tokyo III / GSII. Mr. Asakura started his career at Dai Nippon Printing in 1994 and was engaged in advertising planning and the business development of digital satellite broadcasting DIRECTV. Joined Recruit in 1997 and handling the business planning, program directing and producing for the digital satellite broadcasting. Later on, after working as the Direct of an internet consulting company, he established takibi Co., Ltd. in 2005 and became the President.

  • Atsuhiko Sano :

    UNIVA CAPITAL Finance Limited Representative

    Bachelor of Engineering, Doshisha University. Mr. Sano began his career at Recruit in 1988. He later founded Esco Co., Ltd. that provides consulting in the areas of energy conservation and cost reduction, assuming position of Representative Director. Appointed President of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited in 2008, and Representative Director of UNIVA CAPITAL Finance Limited in 2009.

  • Hideto Murakami :

    President of UNIVA Communications Limited & UNIVA Corporation Limited & UNIVA Technologies Limited

    Bachelor of Engineering, The University Of Tokyo. Mr. Murakami started his career at Recruit in 1988, where he worked in business management. Thereafter he was on a temporary assignment at Recruit Eizo (currently Jupiter Visual Communications). Appointed Director of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited in 2009 and Representative of UNIVA Communications Limited in November 2017. Appointed President of UNIVA Corporation Limited in November 2018 and UNIVA Technologies Limited in July, 2019.

  • Takaaki Nagoshi :

    UNIVA Health Limited Representative & Naturally Plus Group President

    Bachelor of Commerce, Osaka Gakuin University. Mr. Nagoshi entered Naturally Plus in 2003. After working as the Osaka Salon Manager, was appointed as the President of Taiwan Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. in 2004. Appointed Chairman and President in 2005, appointed Director of Naturally Plus in 2007, President of Asia Pacific area in 2008, and appointed President of Naturally Plus in 2010. Appointed as the Representative of UNIVA Health Limited in 2018.

  • Katsuhiro Mizuno :

    UNIVA Marche Limited Representative & UNIVA Mutual Aid Association Representative Director

    Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Nanzan University. Mr. Mizuno started his career at Recruit in 1985, where he was involved in the information network business, and Recruit Health Insurance Society. Joined UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited in 2010 and appointed Director in 2013. Appointed Representative of UNIVA Social Commerce Limited in November 2015, Representative of UNIVA Mutual Aid Association in February 2017 and Representative of UNIVA Marche Limited in April 2017.

  • Kenichi Goto :

    UNIVA Fusion Limited President

    Bachelor of Arts in Law, Keio University. After working as the President of electronic component manufacturer and trading firm, Director of an investment company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Representative of a national chain bakery, a brand bag manufacturer, and Japanese arm of a Korean cosmetics company, Mr. Goto joined Index Co., Ltd. and was appointed as the President in 2009 to present. Appointed Director of ZYX International in 2010 and appointed Representative in 2012 to present. Appointed Director of UNIVA Fusion Limited and appointed President in 2014.

  • Shuhei Nakao :

    UNIVA Paycast Limited President

    Bachelor of System Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology. Mr. Nakao entered J-Payment Co., Ltd. (currently known as ROBOT PAYMENT Inc.) in 2003. Joined Internet Payment Service Co., Ltd. (current UNIVA Paycast Limited) in 2004 and appointed Director in 2010. And then appointed Managing Director in 2015 and President in April 2018.

  • Yoshiaki Ubatani :

    President of UNIVA Staff Limited & UNIVA Japan Limited

    Bachelor of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. Mr. Ubatani joined Recruit in 1986. After serving at the G/A department, he purchased farmland in Hida and established Green Farm Limited in 1992. In 1999, he was appointed as the Director of Zeroin Co. Ltd. and promoted to President in 2012. Later on, he established Salmon Holdings Limited in 2013. Appointed Director of UNIVA Property Management in 2017 and President of UNIVA Staff Limited in October 2018. Became the President of UNIVA Japan Limited in September 2019.

  • Fumiaki Nakaya :

    ZYX International Representative

    Bachelor of Arts in Law, Waseda University. Founded ZYX International in 1986 while in college and appointed Representative to present. Except sales promotion, also engaged in space design, finance, rent office businesses and converted divisions to companies. Appointed Director of STRACTCAST Co., Ltd., President of Saikoh Co., Ltd., Director of Vista Communications KK, Representative Director of MotePAPA Laboratory INC. and Director of PATH Corporation.

Our Business


UNIVA Asset Management Limited acquired additional stake in Oak Capital Co., Ltd (TSE 3113). Thus, the total shares of stock held by UNIVA Asset Management Limited and its co-owner UNIVA CAPITAL Investment Limited reached 8.57% and became the largest shareholder.
ZYX Inc. entered into a sales partnership with alt. Inc. about AI GIJIROKU, an automatic transcription tool for meeting minutes.
Shuji Inaba was appointed as the President of Oak Capital Co., Ltd.
Marketing tool Gyro-n provider UNIVA Paycast Gyro-n Company has split off from UNIVA Paycast to operate independently as UNIVA Gyro-n Limited. Hisaatsu Shimazu has been appointed the new company’s President and CEO.
Establishment of UNIVA Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Korea with Shuji Inaba as Representative.
UNIVA Japan Limited opened its sales branch in Fukuoka, Japan.
The electricity business “UNIVA Denki” operated by UNIVA Communications was transferred to UNIVA Japan Limited.
Yoshiaki Ubatani was appointed as the President of UNIVA Japan Limited.
Establishment of UNIVA Technologies Limited in Minato-ku, Tokyo with Hideto Murakami as Representative.
UNIVA Paycast Limited changed the name of its online settlement system (IPS) to UnivaPay and the name of its QR-code settlement app from Shotai Pay to UnivaPay StoreApp.
UNIVA Staff Limited which dedicated to staffing service to non-Japanese residents received the license of employment agent.
Taiwan Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. Changed its name to UNIVA NP Co., Ltd.
UNIVA Staff Limited started staffing services to the foreign residents in Japan.
Following the electrical power providing service “UNIVA Denki”, UNIVA Communications Limited started the mobile communications service called “UNIVA Mobile”.
UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited changed its name to UNIVA Japan Limited and would add the facility management service to its current energy saving ESCO and restaurant “Ogura” businesses.
UNIVA CAPITAL Corporation Limited changed the name to UNIVA Corporation Limited and added the management business to the current trading and R&D businesses.
Naturally Plus Philippines organized an event to celebrate the third anniversary of the company’s founding.
Naturally Plus Indonesia held an event to celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of the Surabaya Branch.
UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited received the Award of Excellence for a group awards project at “Internal Communications – Business – Fewer Than 1,000 Employees” of Silver Anvil Awards 2018 which was the oldest and most prestigious award in the PR industry.
Naturally Plus Singapore held the convention “INFINITY” with 617 participants.
The Big Island Country Club under UNIVA Resort, LLC changed its name to MAKANI GOLF CLUB.
Naturally Plus Malaysia held its annual convention MY KIZUNA 2018 with 1583 attendees.
UNIVA AWARDS 2017 Ceremony and Group Annual General Meeting was held at ANA InterContinental Tokyo.
Establishment of UNIVA Social Limited in Minato-ku, Tokyo with Katsuhiro Mizuno as Representative.
Naturally Plus’ flagship products Super Lutein and Super Lutein MIRTO PLUS started sales in the Philippines.
Naturally Plus Taiwan held DASH 2018 “Innovate – Create New Value” in Taipei with 6590 participants.
For proceeding the resort development and golf operation business in Big Island, UNIVA Resort changed the operation company names as below.
Former name: UNIVA Developments, LLCCurrent name: Big Island Holdings LLC
Former name: BICC Golf LLCCurrent name: BIH Golf LLC
Former name: BICC Properties LLCCurrent name: BIH Properties LLC
Former name: BICC Utilities LLCCurrent name: BIH Utilities LLC
Naturally Plus Brunei participated for the first time in GEMAPK EXPO held on December 22-31.
Naturally Plus flagship product IZUMIO was featured in a research report on the health benefits of hydrogenated water at the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M) Conference, December 14-16, in Las Vegas, where IZUMIO also had a booth.
Naturally Plus flagship product SUPER LUTEIN MIRTO PLUS went on sale in Malaysia.
Establishment of UNIVA Communications Limited in Minato-ku, Tokyo with Hideto Murakami as CEO.
At the In-House Magazine Awards 2017, UNIVA Group’s in-house magazine annual book “UNI-SIGHT 2016” was awarded the Grand Prize in the Annuals and Memories Division. Then the July 2016 issue was awarded the Silver Prize in the In-House Web Division.
Naturally Plus Hong Kong held an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding.
UN IVA Group is once again a sponsor of the Jubun-Shi [Autobiography] Festival.
UNIVA Denki has been able to provide electricity supply to all areas in Japan (except Okinawa Electric Power Company and remote islands in Okinawa).
As a part of UNIVA Social Project, UNIVA Mutual Aid Association started its operation.
Naturally Plus Japan launched improved versions of its LIFTANT Firming Serum and LUTE hair and body care products.
Naturally Plus held the FESTA 2017 “All Together, Advance Together: Beyond the Idea, the Decision to Act” with 8256 participants.
Naturally Plus Philippines held an event to celebrate the first anniverdsary of the Baguio Business Center.
UNIVA Fusion hit product KOMBUCHA CLEANSE and Naturally Plus signature product IZUMIO made an appearance in the backstage suite at the 69th Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.
Naturally Plus Indonesia organized an event to celebrate the third anniversary of the setting up of Medan branch.
Naturally Plus Vietnam opened a branch in Hanoi.
Naturally Plus Vietnam held a special event to celebrate the second anniversary of its founding.
Naturally Plus held a convention with the theme “I AM NATURALLY PLUS – DARE TO CHANGE”, in which 695 members and staff participated.
Naturally Plus Taiwan celebrated Taichuang branch’s 12 anniversary.
Naturally Plus Malaysia opened a branch in Ipoh.
Uni Marche, the home-delivery service primarily focused on organic food products started its operation with Kazuhiro Mizuno as the representative of UNIVA Marche Limited.
UNIVA Kyosai Kyodo Kumiai (Mutual Aid Association) was registered.
Naturally Plus Malaysia held its convention “MY KIZUNA 2017 – Self-Realization” with 1,159 participants.
Naturally Plus Taiwan held its annual DASH “Win-Win-Win, Three Wins Together, Aiming Global” with 7,628 participants.
Naturally Plus Japan held its convention “Naturally Plus Convention 2099 The Latent Potential of Made in Japan.”
UNIVA CAPITAL became a corporate partner of the NPO Peace One Day. UNIVA CAPITAL will promote the Peace Day (September 21) with Peace One Day in this partnership.
Cold Fusion, Inc. changed its name to UNIVA Fusion Limited.
Naturally Plus Malaysia opened a new business center in Ipoh.
Naturally Plus Philippines opened a new business center in Baguio.
UNIVA Paycast Limited had a booth at one of Asia’s largest marketing events, ad:tech Tokyo 2016.
UNIVA CAPITAL sponsored the "My Autobiography Festival 2016" held at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
Naturally Plus Thailand held a special event to celebrate its third anniversary.
The Naturally Plus Skincare series AURAGE was featured on TV Saitama’s Tokyo Goddess Collection: Girls Happy Style program.
Naturally Plus leading products Super Lutein, Super Lutein MIRTOPLUS, Super Lutein MIRTOPLUS (Vegetarian), and IZUMIO have all become No. 1 in sales in Japan within six years during 2010~2015. *1. *2.
*1 Lutein supplement market in Japan: No. 1 Brand By Sales Amount, 2010 – 2015 (Total sales of Super Lutein and Super Lutein MIRTO PLUS). Market share estimated from available public data plus fieldwork interviews by Ipsos Japan, August 2016.
*2 Hydrogenated water market in Japan (excluding generation equipment and supplement): No. 1 brand By Sales Amount, 2010 – 2015. Market Share estimated from available public data plus fieldwork interviews by Ipsos Japan, August 2016.
Naturally Plus Brunei celebrated the first anniversary of the company’s founding.
UNIVA DENKI began taking orders from householders and small businesses aiming to reduce the cost of electricity.
Naturally Plus Vietnam opened a seminar room in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi.
ZYX Inc. organized a party to celebrate its 30th anniversary and determined to keep on advancing toward the company’s 40th and 50th anniversary.
Naturally Plus Indonesia’s 5th Anniversary Event “Success Journey – Keep making difference for life” was held in Jakarta with 641 individuals attending.
Naturally Plus USA held its second annual convention “Rise Together” in Los Angeles.
Naturally Plus Philippines opened a new training center in Cebu.
Naturally Plus Vietnam’s 1st Anniversary Event “Leaping Forward” was held in Ho Chi Minh City with 520 individuals attending.
Naturally Plus Philippines 1st Anniversary Event was held in Manila with 700 individuals attending.
UNIVA Paycast Limited (Paycast) tied up with Alipay in China to provide settlement services for brick-and-mortar businesses. With the addition of online settlement services to the two enormous market segments, Paycast now offers coverage of 80 percent of online payments in China.
Naturally Plus began sales of New AURAGE series in Malaysia.
UNIVA Paycast Limited tied up with China’s Tencent and begun to offer cross-border transactions via Tencent’s Tenpay service.
Twenty-five Naturally Plus (NP) salons in twelve countries set up donation boxes and solicited funds to support the Kumamoto relief effort. Funds of 4.5 million yen were distributed to NP members in Kumamoto which were donated by the members and employees.
Naturally Plus 6th SEA Convention “Field of Dreams” was held in Singapore, with 2,400 individuals attending.
UNIVA Paycast Limited released “Local Search (Beta version)”, a new feature added to Gyro-n SEO to simplify searching by locality.
UNIVA Paycast Limited released “Gyro-n Action”, a call to action tool that substantially improves conversion rates.
UNIVA Logistics Pte. Limited has opened a Taiwan branch in Taipei to support its growing logistics business in East Asia.
UNIVA Developments, LLC has taken 100 percent ownership of BICC Golf, LLC, BICC Properties, LLC, and BICC Utilities, LLC from UNIVA Resort, LLC.
Naturally Plus ranked No. 49 in the Direct Selling News 2016 Global 100 and was moved up four places than last year.
Naturally Plus Malaysia held its second MY KIZUNA (My Ties) convention with 900 participants.
PURIFICAR BB, a made-in-Taiwan product, has been launched in Japan.
Hideto Murakami was appointed to the board of directors of UNIVA Paycast Limited.
UNIVA Logistics Pte. Limited, an international logistics company, was established in Singapore.
“Group General Meeting & UNIVA AWARDS 2015 Ceremony” was held in Tokyo with 330 employees from 12 countries and regions.
Naturally Plus’s first oral care supplement, LactoAir, has gone on sale in Japan.
For introducing our great cosmetics products to Chinese market, we launched a new online store 【優肌美集 Beauté Treasure by UNIVA BEAUTY】.
Naturally Plus Taiwan held DASH 2015 in Taipei. 8,215 individuals participated in this event.
Shosei Asakura was appointed to the board of directors of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited.
Katsuhiro Mizuno was appointed to the Representative of UNIVA Social Commence Inc.
UNIVA Resort, LLC has reached an agreement with Oak Capital Corporation (a company listed in the second section of the Tokyo stock exchange) to jointly operate the Big Island Country Club, a golf club located in Hawaii, and develop the area around it.
UNIVA Resort, LLC officially acquired 403 acres of land encompassing the Big Island Country Club on Hawaii Island.
To increase the value of the services we offer to our e-commerce customers, ubicast Corporation and Internet Payment Service, Inc. have merged to form UNIVA Paycast Limited with headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Cold Fusion, Inc. launched the next “it” health drink KOMBUCHA CLEANSE.
UNIVA Developments LLC, a company devoted to real estate development and public utilities (electric power and water and sewage) was established in Hawaii in the USA. Shuji Inaba was appointed CEO.
Naturally Plus FESTA 2015 “We are proud! We are confident!” was held with 9,386 participants.
Establishment of investment company UNIVA Trade Limited in Minato-ku, Tokyo with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
Atsuhiko Sano was appointed as the representative of UNIVA Property Management Limited.
UNIVA CAPITAL was also a sponsor of the Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa — Beyond the NEXT!
Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. was proud to sponsor the Autobiography Festival 2015 organized by the Autobiography Promotion Association.
Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. was proud to sponsor YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2015, Japan’s largest international badminton tournament, which was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya ward, September 8-13.
The official opening ceremony for Naturally Plus Brunei was held in Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan.
With a focus on expanding into resort and hospitality business, UNIVA Resort, LLC was established in Hawaii with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
ZYZ Inc has transferred a portion of its shares in Madre:X Co., Ltd., to its affiliate Path Corporation. In addition, with underwriting provided by Path Corporation, Zyva Studio Co., Ltd. has increased its capital through a private placement. These steps have been taken to further the growth of these two companies.
Naturally Plus began operations in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, the eleventh country of Naturally Plus business.
Naturally Plus’s branch in the tenth country started business in Manila, the Philippines.
Naturally Plus Indonesia opened its third salon in Surabaya.
Naturally Plus Super Euglena Paramylon ARX went on sale in Singapore.
On May 19, ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. held the "Ducati 1299 Panigale Japan Premium Launch & Test Ride," offering Japanese fans and journalists an opportunity to see and even try out the Italian motorcycle manufacturer’s latest heart-stopping creation.
Naturally Plus holds its fifth South East Asia Convention “GALAXSEA” in Singapore.
Naturally Plus Group ranked No. 53 in the Direct selling News 2015 Global 100.
UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Ltd.'s ESCO-ONE energy-saving system was accepted as qualified for the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry’s “Tax System for Promotion of Investment in Productivity” scheme and designated a type-A advanced device by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association.
Shuhei Nakao became the President of Internet Payment Service, Inc.
Naturally Plus Japan starts sales of LIFTANT FIRMING SERUM.
UNIVA CAPITAL Group has, as part of its growing involvement in the healthcare industry, acquired 204,900 shares in the MedBic Group as a third-party allotment, together with equity warrants for five million additional shares. The MediBic Group is listed on the Mothers stock exchange and the aim of this transaction is to take advantage of combining the two Groups’ strengths in gene-related and regenerative medicine businesses. The value of both’s shares is expected to rise. The first step will be to make genetic testing an integral part of regenerative medicine, thus contributing to growth for both Groups.
Naturally Plus Taiwan opened its sixth salon in Yilan.
The first Shout Karaoke WPB facility of which UNIVA CAPITAL Group, Inc. is the largest shareholder and public relations conducted by UNIVA America, Inc. opened for business in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Naturally Plus Europe Distribution Center began operations.
The 1st UNIVA AWARDS (2014) ceremony which is to recognize outstanding contributions by group employees and companies was held in Tokyo.
Naturally Plus Taiwan held its regular DASH event with the theme of “Determination – A Dream Rally 10,000 Strong”. Mobilizing 10,033 individuals, this was the largest DASH ever.
A photograph taken for an event called Precious Sky Fashion Show feat. GUCCI which was for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Japanese publisher Shogakkan’ s Precious magazine planned and operated by ZYX Inc. was chosen by America’s Time magazine as one of the most surprising photographs of 2014.
ZYX Inc. and PATH Corporation, a firm listed on the Mothers stock exchange, jointly established PATH Market Inc. to develop EC business.
Ubicast Corporation released Gyon-n AB test, a system that makes it easy to conduct AB tests of Web advertising for multiple target segments.
UNIVA CAPITAL Group held a charity event in San Francisco for which we invited University of California epidemiologist Dr. Dan Kelley to be the featured speaker. The event was to raise funds to support steps to counter the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which has threatened to spread worldwide. One hundred twenty-five thousand dollars were contributed to the Wellbody Alliance.
Wu Ying Ren appointed president of Internet payments agency business International Payment Service, Inc. with Shuhei Nakao as COO and Hirokazu Sasaki as CIO, forming a new management team to lead the company into its second stage of development.
Naturally Plus Japan begins sales of BATHMIO bath powder with magnesium hydride.
Cold Fusion, Inc. renames evangelist lady BB cream and begins sales under the new Ce' Parfait brand.
UNIVA Property Management Limited starts specified worker temp staff business.
Naturally Plus FESTA 2014 "The Power of a Continuing Story" sets new attendance record with 12,178 participants.
Naturally Plus Indonesia opens new branch in Medan.
Naturally Plus Japan supports summer hospitality training at Tokyo Disneyland, organized by NPO Children's Village Kyoto.
Naturally Plus Japan (NP) ties up with the Japan Guide Dog Society, whose annual guide dog seminars are held at NP's Osaka Salon on August 2, the Fukuoka Salon, on August 9, and the Shibuya seminar room on August 16.
For this year's annual summer festival, Naturally Plus Japan collaborates with Beers for Books, raising 44,922 yen to support production of books in local languages for children in developing countries.
Naturally Plus Japan supports the Ganbare Kyowakoku Tanabata Summer Camp organized by Nanbyonet, an NPO dedicated to providing care for children with incurable diseases.
UNIVA CAPITAL Hong Kong Limited and Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Co., Limited moved from Hong Kong Central to the Gateway Building in Kowloon.
ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. planned and produced Fun Swim jointly with Lawson HMV Entertainment.
Ubicast Corporation released its new free-of-charge ASP service Gyro-n Address Entry Navi.
ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. developed the “Experience Genie” campaign featured model Angelica Michibata.
As a part of Naturally Plus’s environmental protection activities, the ninth NEXT 100 Bringing Smiles to Earth Naturally Plus clean-up caravan in Tokyo was conducted.
UNIVA America, Inc. conducted a video shoot for the summer online marketing campaign for Benesee’s Straight Ace math and English applications.
Madre:X Co., Ltd. begun sales of limited-edition cool products “Ex:beaute Cool Fit Cover Powder UV” and “Ex:beaute Cool Cleansing Water Cotton Set.”
Naturally Plus USA, Inc. of Naturally Plus group started it’s operation in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
ubicast Corporation introduced the free ASP service “Gyro-n SFS” which pre-populates a form with registered address, name and email address by one click.
Naturally Plus holds its fourth South East Asia convention, South East Asia Convention 2014, in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Super Lutein MIRTO+, a product jointly developed by UNIVA CAPITAL Corporation Limited and Naturally Plus received the Outstanding Sales Achievement award in the Network Marketing Category at the Best New Product Performance Awards 2013 organized by Horphag Research Ltd.
Cold Fusion Co., Ltd. launched two new BB cream products, The Protector and The Bright Up, in its Evangelist Lady series.
Makeup artist Yanagi Nobuto, who is involved in the development of Cold Fusion Co., Ltd.'s Evangelist Nobuto series appeared with the products on the season premiere of FOX TV's Tokyo-LUXE series.
Naturally Plus Taiwan held a party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its founding.
Zyva Studio Co., Ltd. launched new product, Pure Tint Nail.
Naturally Plus Japan launched a totally revamped LUTE series lineup. And limited offer sales of Lutein Candy, Euglena Candy, and Tonyu Okara Cookies have already begun.
Madre:X Co., Ltd. launched its new Ex:beaute CC Cream.
Cold Fusion, Inc. launched two new Evangelist Lady BB creams, The Moisture and The Cover.
Naturally Plus Taiwan opened its fifth salon in Zhongli.
Naturally Plus Japan celebrated its fifteenth anniversary with a party in the Hiten room at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Tokyo.
The Naturally Plus Group headquarters functions moved to Hong Kong.
Katsuhiro Mizuno was appointed as director of UNIVA CAPITAL Corporation Limited.
Naturally Plus Taiwan began selling "Super Lutein Mirto+ Vegetarian Edition".
UNIVA CAPITAL Group held its all-employee annual general meeting and kick-off party at Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo with 356 individuals from Group member companies attending.
Establishment of an investment management company called UNIVA Asset Management Limited in Minato-ku, Tokyo with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
The web magazine <UNI-SIGHT> offering insights about UNIVA group’s Human, Knowledge and Financial capital was launched.
Toru Yanagisawa was appointed as to the board of directors of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited.
ubicast Corporation started the service “Gyro-n” to improve inbounding marketing.
Taiwan Naturally Plus annual event DASH was held in Taipei on 14 December 2013. This year the number of participants was up 1.5 times, setting a new record with 6,512 people taking part.
Naturally Plus established “Health Care Club” as a new shopping channel, and opened a shopping site at UNIVASHOP.com run by UNIVA Social Commerce Inc.
T's Group Inc. changed its name to UNIVA Property Management Limited.
Naturally Plus Group opened the fourth salon in Malaysia at Johor Bahru.
“Naturally Plus Festa 2013 —Co-creation— ‘Are You Ready?’” was held on 5 October 2013. The attendance broke all records, a total of 11,508 members and guests attended this grand annual event.
Madre:X Co., Ltd. launched their new products "EYELID BEAUTE"and"Ex:beaute EXTRAGE CREAM-Ⅱ".
Establishment of UNIVA Social Commerce Inc. in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan for the development of IT business.
The Naturally Plus group of companies established Naturally Plus International (Thailand) Limited In Bangkok.
Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. Announced the release of the new "PURIFICAR" product in Japan.
Madre:X Co. Ltd. launched their new product "Ex:beaute Cool Fit Cover Powder UV".
ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. moved its headquarters office to Kita-aoyama in Minato-ku due to a business expansion.
ZYX International opened the first shop exclusively for elementary school-age girls, "petit*colle SHOP" in Diversity Tokyo Plaza.
Acquisition of 30.5% of issued stocks of Cold Fusion Co.,Ltd. Brings the total to 100 %.
Madre:X Co. Ltd. Launched their new product "Ex:beaute UV50 Mineral Loose Cover".
Madre:X Co. Ltd. Launched the new point makeup series "Ex:beaute X's ARTIST", along with the new products "Ex:beaute X's ARTIST Dress Eye" and "Ex:beaute X's ARTIST Glow Rouge".
Katsuhiro Mizuno was appointed to the board of directors of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited.
Acquisition of 100% of issued shares of Internet Payment Service, Inc.
Hideto Murakai was appointed as an executive director of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited.
Establishment of energy company Albeeta Petrochemical Korea Limited in Seoul, Korea.
Establishment of energy company UNIVA Energy Limited in Hong Kong with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
Acquisition of all issued shares of Albeeta Petrochemical International Japan Co., Ltd.
A capital and business alliance was forged with Albeeta Petrochemical International Group to promote the energy business, and all issued stocks of the company were acquired. The company plans to expand the energy business by building a cooperative relationship with the company.
Additional acquisition of issued shares of 3.77% of Ubicast Corporation ; the total ownership of shares reaches 81.53%.
UNIVA (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. received the award for Excellent Enterprise of the year of Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province.
Establishment of advertising company POCOT Inc. in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
In order to share management resources and the know-how of both companies in the area of Web solutions, AXYZ Co., Ltd. and ubicast Corporation merged to further enhance management efficiency.
Underwriting the allocation of new shares of Cold Fusion, Inc.; acquiring issued shares of 69.5% of Cold Fusion, Inc.
Establishment of trading company UNIVA (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.
Acquisition of 90.9% of issued stocks of AXYZ Co., Ltd., with plans to expand its IT business.
Acquisition of 59.3% of issued stocks of Cold Fusion, Inc. and the simultaneous purchase of convertible bonds of the same company with plans to expand the beauty related business.
Establishment of Business Development Division of UNIVA CAPITAL Hong Kong Limited supporting group businesses and companies to expand business overseas, especially to Mainland China. Toshihiro Tsuruta appointed as company Director.
Acquisition of all issued stocks of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited (former ESCO Co., Ltd.) with the additional acquisition of 6.4% of issued stocks.
Additional acquisition of issued shares of 10.16% of ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. resulting in the total held shares reaching 89.84%.
ARCO New York Inc. changed name to UNIVA America, Inc. in concert with their business expansion.
Shuji Inaba is appointed Director of North American marketing company ARCO New York, Inc.
UNIVA CAPITAL Finance Limited and UNIVA CAPITAL Corporation Limited move to Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Hideto Murakami is appointed Director of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited.
UNIVA CAPITAL Holdings Limited(環貫資本控股有限公司)and UNIVA CAPITAL Hong Kong Limited(環貫資本香港有限公司) relocated their office to central Hong Kong.
Atsuhiko Sano was appointed to be the representative of Univa Capital Finance Limited.
Underwriting the allocation of new shares of ubicast Corporation; acquiring issued shares of 77.8% of ubicast Corporation.
Shuji Inaba becomes Chairman of ZYX Inc.
In order to begin sales and R&D, an office of UNIVA CAPITAL Corporation Limited was established in Minato-ku, Tokyo, with Shuji Inaba as Representative.
Shuji Inaba appointed as Chairman of ubicast Co., Ltd., with plans to expand IT business.
Acquisition of 72% of issued shares of ZYX Inc.
With the additional acquisition of issued stocks of ESCO Co., Ltd., total ownership of ESCO reaches 93.6%.
Underwriting the second convertible bonds with share warrant of ZYX Inc.
Opening of an office of UNIVA CAPITAL Finance Limited in Minato-ku, Tokyo, with Tohru Nakasuji as CEO for the purpose of starting the finance business.
Additional acquisition of 60.6% of issued stocks of ADFRONTE Co., Ltd., bringing the total ownership to 79.68%.
Underwriting the first convertible bonds with share warrant of ZYX Inc.
The Naturally Plus group of companies established Naturally Plus International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. In Malaysia.
Commencement of reorganization primarily of Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Pte. Limited in order to strengthen the Naturally Plus group of companies' structure.
Atsuhiko Sano appointed as President and CEO of UNIVA CAPITAL Japan Limited.
Opening of an office of UNIVA CAPITAL Hong Kong Limited (環貫資本香港有限公司) in Hong Kong, with Shuji Inaba as CEO in order to begin of group financial management and business development.
Acquisition of all issued stocks of Naturally Plus Hong Kong Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong corporation.
Forged an agreement for a capital alliance with ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. (Japan) and acquired 19.1% of the company's issued stocks. The company plans to increase development of ADFRONTE Co., Ltd. (Japan) by building a cooperative relationship through the recent capital alliance.
Acquisition of all issued stocks of Taiwan Naturally Plus Co., Ltd.(緑加利股份有限公司) and of Naturally Plus Hong Kong Co., Ltd.(緑加利有限公司)
Acquisition of all issued stocks of Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. in Japan from Medallion Investors Limited.
Establishment of UNIVA CAPITAL Holdings Limited in the British Cayman Islands as a holding company with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
Forged a capital alliance with Medallion Healthcare Limited (Japan) and acquired all its issued stocks. At the same time, Medallion Healthcare Limited (Japan) changed its corporate name to Univa Capital Japan Limited.
Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Pte. Limited (Singapore) opens a Japanese office in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Forged a capital alliance agreement with Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Pte. Limited (Singapore) to expand health support services. Undertook capital increase and acquisition of all issued stocks of the company. Shuji Inaba appointed as company chairman.
Forged a capital agreement alliance with ESCO Co., Ltd. (Japan) to expand the energy conservation business, and acquired 46.7% of the company's issued stocks.
Shuji Inaba aapointed as Medallion Healthcare Limited director in order to strengthen the management structure of the Medallion Healthcare Limited (Japan) subsidiary.
A capital alliance agreement forged with ZYX Inc. (Japan) following plans to expand the advertising, cosmetics, and food businesses as mainstays. Shuji Inaba appointed as an advisor for the company.The company plans to increase development by building a cooperative relationship through the recent capital alliance.
Shuji Inaba appointed as ESCO Co., Ltd. (Japan) director in order to strengthen the management structure of the company as it expands its energy conservation business.
Establishment of UNIVA CAPITAL Investments, Inc. in the British Virgin Islands with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
Conclusion of an advisory service contract with Medallion Investors Limited (USA) with plans for expanding health support services.
Establishing of UNIVA CAPITAL Group, Inc. in San Francisco, USA, with Shuji Inaba as CEO.
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